Sunday, October 23, 2011


Kuta Bali is a famous tourist attractions by domestic and foreign tourists, Kuta Bali is also a tourism icon for the island of Bali. This place is located in the southern part of Denpasar which is precisely in Kuta, Badung regency, Bali, Kuta is also famous for its white sandy beaches, a great place to surf and to watch the sunset.

Located in southwestern Bali just minutes from the airport lies Kuta. One of the world's most famous beaches, Kuta first attracted Western surfers with its world renowned surf break followed closely behind by sun worshipers and party goers attracted to its wide stretches of white sandy beach and budget accommodations, cheap restaurants and exciting night life. In the last few years, Kuta has developed into one of the most dynamic resort areas in Asia. 

Offering something for every one - whether you are a family traveling with children, single, or on your honeymooners, you will find something to like about Kuta. Even if you stay in another part of Bali, a visit to Kuta is a must, if you do not visit Kuta you have not been to Bali.

Kuta has developed into an icon of tourism in Bali, or better known as International city because it is a meeting place for tourists from around the world and also local tourists who want to relax and enjoy the beautiful white sand beach overlooking the beautiful and the waves suitable for surfing, snorkeling and diving.

This area is a tourist destination of foreign tourists, which made ​​this place a great place to spend their vacation time, Kuta Bali has been a mainstay tourist island of Bali since the early 70′s.

Kuta provides a wide selection of tourist activities and facilities including a large shopping mall, art shops, restaurants, local traditional market, Recreational water sports, nightclubs and much. Kuta are often referred to as sunset beach by tourists.


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